Join the ranks of satisfied Propel Doors customers.

We take a lot of pride in our patent-pending sliding door automation systems. But we’re even prouder of the loyalty our customers have shown us.

“I just push the button when I’m down here and by the time I get up there, the door is open. I smile to myself every time.” – Kent P., NE

“I’ve been waiting for this for 25 years!” – Cary B., IL

“I can’t believe nobody ever thought of this before!” – Larry B., SD

“They thing makes my life so much easier. I just push the button, drive out of the shop and push the button again. What a time saver!” – Mike S., IA

“Sure enjoyed my new Propel Doors system in this taste of winter weather this past week. System is working great. Thanks for all your help!” – Mark C., Illinois

“I have a 60 x 100 foot Butler building with 30 foot door opening. I looked into overhead doors, but with my 15 foot high opening I would loose too much clearance. Hydraulic and bi-fold were too expensive. When I found the Propel opener and talked to John I bought it immediately. The opener is very powerful, it moves the 15X15 foot all steel doors on my building which are heavy, and hard to push with ease. I use the openers several times a day and they have performed very nice. The one thing I want to comment on is how quiet the openers are. The only thing you hear is a slight hum while they are operating.” – Kent P., Wahoo, NE

The following video shows before and after footage of door opening: