There are 3 parts to the patent-pending Propel Sliding Door Automation System:


1. The Drive System

2. The Side Cincher System

3. The Lower Floor Guide System


You can see all 3 of these systems in our VIDEO section or download a system overview PDF or technical specs from our DOWNLOAD section.

All parts of our system are located inside your building, out of the weather. By using these 3 systems in unison, the Propel Operator will work on virtually any type of framed structure with nearly any type of horizontal sliding door.

The Drive System

consists of the patented industrial motor, the control board, the header drive rail, the door arm and the radio frequency remotes. The Motor door arm and header drive rail push a whopping 180lbs of torque while the control board memorizes and “thinks” about the travel path of the door to ensure that smooth operation and safety go hand in hand.

The Side Cinchers

control the back side of the door when it returns to the closed position and it secures the door to the building when the door is closed. This prevents the door from being sucked away from the building in high winds.

Floor Guides

guides the door smoothly during the opening and closing cycles. The track keeps the door moving in a straight line and prevents the leading edge of the door from being blown around by the wind. This system also ensures that your bi-parting doors return closed in a direct line so that both doors line up in the center of the opening to guarantee that they properly mate together.

The Propel Operator was designed specifically for single and bi-parting sliding shed doors when installed on almost any type of building. It’s the most effective, least expensive way to automate your doors.

Our opener features

» Powerful motors with only 1 moving part
» Industrial strength
» Very quiet operation
» Internal obstacle detection and photo cell safety sensors
» No loss in opening height. Minimal loss in opening width
» No maintenance required
» Soft start and stop reduces stress, increases safety and durability
» Works on doors up to 48 feet wide
» Easy to install
» 5-year warranty on opener; 2 years on accessories.


Detail Drive Chain

Utilizing Homelink Openers

Utilizing Homelink Openers

Interior automated barn door

Interior View